In Titus 2 Paul instructs Titus to help the Cretan believers in a wicked culture live in such a way as to beautify the teaching concerning God our Savior in everything they do. In other words, in all of life we are commanded to seek to “adorn the gospel”—to make it attractive by our lives. This is the priority. How we do this in practical ways takes wisdom, however. 

Our response to homosexuality—its sin and consequences—is one of those areas where we need wisdom. Mark McGinniss, on the faculty at Baptist Bible College, Clarks Summit, Pa., has posted a paper for the faculty forum on the church’s response to homosexuality. He is basically arguing that we need to be careful not to elevate homosexuality as a greater sin than other sins and that we need to love our neighbor “as ourselves.” This adorns the gospel of Jesus Christ by calling sin sin and yet treating the person as redeemable and lovable.

One area that intersects with that is a homosexual agenda to redefine marriage. How should we adorn the gospel in this area? Sometimes it seems like political agendas take over rather than Christians’ attempting to adorn the gospel well. For instance, since this issue is big in Iowa right now, some people are seeking to get pastors to sign a letter opposing gay marriage. I struggle with exactly how we’re adorning the gospel here. (1) This letter ignores the principle of freedom of religion in this country and the freedom of conscience we each have before God. It doesn’t seek to affirm those. This could come home to roost in people ignoring what we believe and seeking to shut out the message of the gospel. (2) I like the prophetic element of pointing out the hindrance of God’s blessing for condoning sin. (3) I don’t like the lack of love and concern for homosexuals. Even if involved in politics, we should conduct ourselves as ambassadors of the King of Kings. Your thoughts?