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Introduction to “Christianity and Culture”

“Christianity and Culture.” That’s the heading of this section of The Quest blog, the section over which I have been given some measure of responsibility. I have also been charged with the task of explaining to you what you will find here.

Obviously these are broad subjects that cover a lot of ground. I feel like a zookeeper on his first day on the job, asking which area of the zoo he will oversee and being told, “Mammals.” Well, that narrows it down!

Here you will find articles and links to articles that could relate to either Christianity in general or to our culture at large. Articles related to church history or to specific aspects of church ministry and theology will be found in the other categories managed by my fine colleagues.

But, more specifically, I hope to provide resources that will help us consider how Christianity and culture intersectin other words, how we as Christians relate to our culture. Entire books have been written about this subject from a philosophical perspective, and I do not claim to have a place at the intellectual table with the likes of Niebuhr, Kuyper, or Carson. However, as a Baptist, I hold fast to Biblical authority, and so my desire is to help you help me view matters of Christianity and culture through the lens of Scripture.

I don’t intend to fly solo on this mission. I’m asking for your help. Send links, write articles, and make comments. Send them to me at Together We Can Accomplish More! (Hey, I think I’ve heard that somewhere before . . .)

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