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Business Administrator Job Description

Calvary Baptist Church, Cresaptown, Maryland

General Scope

Ensure the integrity of all fiscal operations is above reproach.

Pastoral staff member answering directly to senior Pastor and the Deacon of Finance and serving as a non-voting member of the Church and School boards; providing counsel on fiscal matters.

Oversee and administrate the financial and personal operations of the Church and School ministry. Develop financial plans and reporting to satisfy the needs of the growing ministry. Oversee ordering, purchasing and payment of services and supplies for the ministry; striving to take advantage of potential cost savings in all financial transactions and operate within budgetary constraints.

Manage the various insurance policies to insure value and adequate coverage for the ministry and its participants.

To ensure compliance with all local, state and federal regulations with regard to personnel, taxes, liability, and other issues of legal obligations.

To account for all donations and payments to the ministry and all disbursements within generally accepted accounting principles.

Prepare and respond to annual independent outside audits.

Operating Financial Statements & Reporting

Budget preparation and compliance
Accounts Payable and check writing
Payroll processing
Tax liability and payments
Monthly, Semi-annual and Annual reports
Balance sheet
Income statement
Statement of cash flows
Cash flow management
Software administration
QuickBooks (financial books)
Membership Plus (membership/contributions)
SchoolMinder (school A/R and student records)
Starplus (phone system)

CCA Accounts Receivable collections
Contributions, Recording, and Reporting
Record Retention and Data file back-ups
Insurance management
Annual Coverage review
Bid solicitations
Coverage recommendations
Premium payments
Filing of claims and follow-up
Asset Management
Capital Project coordination
Bid solicitations
Equipment purchasing, disposition and scrapping
Systems management
Office computers and equipment (church)
Photocopier and fax equipment
Government compliance
Employment regulations and Laws compliance
Government surveys and reports
Tax Laws and reporting
EPA, Federal, State and County Laws compliance
Records, retention (government requirements)
Direct oversight of school bookkeeper and janitorial staff
Benefit management – Enrollment and coverage
Annual contracts
Salary contracts
Salary schedules
Hiring and volunteer background checks
RISK Policy management and education
403b Savings Plan management and funding
HAS Plan management and funding
Long-term Disability policy administration
Pastoral Administrative Assistance
Committee follow-ups
Office Administrations oversight
Other duties required by the Senior Pastor