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A Response to the ABWE Report

By May 12, 2016No Comments

By John Greening, GARBC national representative

I read the long-anticipated report “The ABWE and Donn Ketcham Investigations Final Report,” and the longer I read, the heavier my heart became.

The abuse by the perpetrator, as detailed in the investigation’s findings, was reprehensible. The reported treatment of each of the victims/survivors was inexcusable. The apparent lack of prompt decisive disciplinary and legal measures toward the violator was indefensible. The in-house and in-network cronyism that covered up the sin and at times shifted the blame onto underage girls was inexplicable.

The apologies that are offered must sound hollow to the families who bear the scars of this tragedy. The implemented policies, while commendable and essential to safeguard against future expressions of sinful people, are regrettably unable to change the damage of the past.

My heart aches for the missionaries and staff who had nothing to do with this scandal but are impacted by its effects. I am so very sorry for this sad chapter in missions’ history. I am ashamed of what has happened. I pray God will enable us with discernment to keep a travesty like this from ever happening again.