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Writing a Wednesday Night Article

By February 23, 2006June 19th, 2014No Comments

Building Your Ministry

Writing a Wednesday Night Article allows me to communicate a Christian worldview and to provide a change of pace for our Wednesday prayer meetings. While the Sunday morning and evening services involve expository sermons, Wednesday night offers the opportunity to respond to current events, cultural or ministry trends, and today’s hot-button issues. Even though people may have spent years in Bible-believing churches, they may not know how to respond Biblically to current issues and trends. By writing articles and stimulating discussion, I assist our congregation in grappling with compelling questions of our day.The topics and forms of writing are endless. Writing book reviews is a great start for generating articles. You will benefit from your personal reading, and the reviews will stir interest in reading among church people. Writing about current events teaches Christian truth and addresses issues that are on people’s minds. Articles on topics that are on our collective conscious, such as natural disasters, provide a forum for presenting a careful Christian response. Trends in culture and ministry can also be discussed. A Biblical response to the latest ministry craze may even steer an individual away from pursuing an unprofitable fad. While writing is not a substitute for expository preaching, articles do provide a means of addressing topics not covered in the current sermon series.When writing an article, first inform your readers about a particular issue. Include a detailed explanation if the issue is new and largely unknown. Next, explain the importance of the issue. For good or bad, many churches are suspicious of academic debate. Demonstrate to the readers how this trend, book, or theological issue will impact them individually or collectively as a church. Then, using a key passage, offer a Biblical response to the article’s topic. Some Biblical worldview thinking requires reasoning from inferences, so commentary on several Scripture references will be needed.

Enjoyment and excellence in writing come through practice. Go beyond reading other people’s writing; become a writer yourself. If writing for Wednesday night prayer meeting does not appeal to you, why not post your article on your own blog or publish your article in a church newsletter? You will be surprised at the gifts and talents with which the Lord has blessed you.

Brian G. Humphreys, Pastor
Dryden Baptist Church
Dryden, New York