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Women’s Ministries: Once Upon a Time Theme

This year our women’s events are revolving around the theme, “Once upon a time….” Every six weeks we plan an event for women, which involves someone telling a Faith Tale. Our kick-off event developed the theme with the following topic:

  • Having a Princess Heart in a Not-so-happily-after-World

This event was a girl’s night out Pajama Party. Everyone was invited to the church in their PJ’s, sweats, or other comfy clothes at 7 p.m. They brought their favorite snack and beverage and joined together in the Park Café to watch a DVD and have fun.They viewed a DVD by comedian Chonda Pierce in which she shares a testimony about dealing with depression.

In upcoming months we plan on exploring the following topics based upon the stories below:

  • Princess and the Pea – Is sin keeping you up at night?
  • Cinderella – Meeting the Prince of Peace
  • Sleeping Beauty – Resting in the Lord; finding true beauty
  • Snow White – Be anxious for nothing
  • The Old Woman in the Shoe – Juggling responsibilities
  • Jack Sprat – Good choices for healthy living
  • Little Red Riding Hood – Who is robbing you of your Joy?
  • Three Little Pigs – Financial planning for women
  • Peter Pan – Growing up godly
  •  Pied Piper – The pull of culture and where it is leading women
  • Mary, Mary Quite Contrary – What are you planting in your spiritual garden? (Idea: plan an event to share plants from our gardens and share love with friends and neighbors.)
  •  Emperor’s New Clothes – The folly of believing whatever you want (Idea: Discussion of book, Lies Women Believe and the Truth that Sets them Free , or intro to a Bible study)
  • Little Miss Muffet – Facing your fears

Debbie Weil, pastor’s wife
Park Avenue Baptist Church
Binghamton, New York

(submission provided by Jeannie Vogel, RBP women’s ministry consultant)