This women’s ministry idea shared by Grandview Park Baptist Church, Des Moines, Iowa, can be used as a tool to improve publicity and promote connections among women in your church. The women’s ministry team keeps in touch by publishing a newsletter, The Encourager, every other month. The newsletter has regular columns: a recipe, a missions update, a short biography on a female church member, an uplifting message from a secret encourager, and an inspirational article that comes from a woman’s personal study. The Encourager includes dates and times for upcoming events as well as highlights of past events for women who were unable to attend but might choose to do so in the future. The women’s ministry team distributes the newsletters through the adult fellowship groups (Sunday School) and the church welcome center.

The pastor’s wife, Ronette Smith, reports, “We have a team of four or five ladies who regularly work on The Encourager. One woman serves as the conduit, setting the deadlines and receiving the articles via e-mail. She contacts writers and follows up with deadline reminders. Another woman works on the newsletter graphics. Once all the articles are assembled in a document, I proofread the text, then send the document on for layout and graphics insertion. The church copies and prints the newsletter for us.”

Perhaps your church is small and could not publish something on this scale, but don’t give up on the idea. Even one person could send a small, monthly newsletter from her computer to ladies in the women’s ministry. The newsletter could include announcements and one of the previously mentioned features. Getting the word out is half the battle of getting women to participate!

Jeannie Vogel
Women’s Ministries Consultant, Regular Baptist Ministries