Our Women’s Missionary Fellowship (WMF) ministry kicks off each September with our All Daughters Banquet. We enjoy a meal and a program in which we introduce our new officers, explain our WMF goals, listen to special music and a speaker, and sometimes watch a skit that reflects the event theme.

Our aim in hosting the event is to evangelize by inviting ladies who do not normally attend our church and to build our own women’s support of our ladies’ ministries. We invite ladies who are new to our church or who have not been involved in the WMF ministry to participate, pray, and make donations. Our goal is to increase attendance at our ladies’ workdays and Bible studies and to prompt women to pray for these ministries. Also we want to plant the seed of salvation in an unbelieving woman, begin a friendship with a newcomer, and encourage ladies who are lonely or weary or who are discouraged in their Christian walk.

Examples of banquet themes we’ve used are as follows:

God’s Flower Garden—On a Saturday afternoon we had a ladies’ tea with china cups and saucers, tea, and scones/muffins. We presented a history of tea and the etiquette for serving and taking tea. The centerpieces for the tables were floral teacups. The speaker spoke on different flowers and related those flowers to the Christian life. The theme verse was the first part of Song of Solomon 2:12.

A Godly Pattern for Women—Tables were decorated with baskets of sewing notions. We hung quilts on the walls that our ladies had brought, and we voted on them in different categories—oldest, prettiest, and so forth. The theme verse was Ephesians 5:16. This banquet was held on a Friday evening.

The response to our annual banquets has been good. Many visitors and our own church ladies attend this event. Ladies are encouraged in their Christian walk. It is certainly worth the effort.

Sheila Stevens, Pastor’s Wife
First Baptist Church
Hibbing, Minnesota