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The Ministry of Church Greeters

Healthy churches recognize the need to welcome guests effectively as they arrive for Sunday services and special events.  Many enlist and train a group of greeters who serve with the needs of newcomers in mind.  Perhaps you will find helpful this basic job profile for greeters that I used in my ministry at South Baptist in Flint, MI.


Position Expectations:

  1. Greeters will be scheduled each week to cover a certain door (schedule made out by ministry leader). NOTE: If unable to serve on scheduled Sunday, please contact a substitute greeter and notify ministry leader.
  2. When scheduled to serve, greeters must be available to perform capably the following components:
  • Greeters should be ready to greet 15 minutes before each scheduled service/program and stay 5 minutes after start of service/program.
  • There should be TWO greeters (one couple) at each of the outside doors.
  • Greet everyone, but keep an eye out for visitors. NOTE: This will be the first contact some visitors may have with anyone from the church, so this is important! We want guests, from the very beginning, to feel welcome.
  • Ask visitors to sign the guest book and have them fill out a visitor’s card.
  • Always have Sunday school schedule with you to give to visitors. NOTE: Be familiar with schedule to be able to  help our guests effectively and quickly find a class.
  • Be aware of any special elective classes or other changes to the normal Sunday School schedule.
  • Assist visitors in locating classroom and introduce them to teacher, if possible.
  • DO NOT allow conversations with friends to take you away from watching for visitors.
  • Be willing to greet on special occasions, as needed.
  • ALL greeters are expected to regularly attend Sunday school and the worship services when NOT on duty.

Jim Vogel, GARBC Associate National Representative
Schaumburg, IL