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Synergy: Benefits of Balance

By September 1, 2011June 19th, 2014No Comments

GARBC Newsletter for Your Ministry

BALANCE—what does that word mean to you? The teeter-totter of life presents us with work vs. rest, patience vs. action, silence vs. words. Either side can slam down quickly! Ecclesiastes 3 reminds us, “To everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.” As you approach a busy fall season of ministry, think about the need for balance. This issue of Synergy includes two articles to stimulate your thinking on that topic; one addresses work and rest, and the other addresses your leadership approach. Hopefully you are in ministry for the long haul—think about the long-term benefits of balance!

Synergy is ready for your viewing!

Check out the September issue:

Building Your Ministry

  • Accomplishing More by Slowing Down—Dan Pugh (Montrose, Mich.)
  • Good Books on Church Outreach—Jim Vogel (Schaumburg, Ill.)

Home Front

  • Give Me a Break!—Kathy Schroeder (Bloomington, Ind.)
  • Getaway Places

Ministry Toolbox

  • 8 Mistakes in Recruiting and Keeping Volunteers—Jim Vogel (Schaumburg, Ill.)
  • Helping Students Learn—Daria Greening (Schaumburg, Ill.)

Reach Out

  • Bringing the Church to Your Community—David King (Jasper, Ind.)
  • Trunk or Treat—Nathan Gast (Kansas City, Kan.)
  • Sanctity of Life Sunday—Stan Lightfoot (Colorado Springs, Colo.)

Student Ministries

  • Preparing Teens for an International Mission Trip—Kristi Payne (Waterloo, Iowa)

Global Outlook

  • Books for Internationals—GLS (Schaumburg, Ill.)

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