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Making Friends in the Marketplace

By October 17, 2006June 19th, 2014No Comments

Reach Out

At a conference of the Wisconsin Association of Regular Baptist Churches, Pastors Pete Mothershead and Scott Bixby challenged and instructed us in the areas of evangelism and community outreach. As Pastor Bixby presented ministry ideas for outreach, he encouraged each attendee to implement at least one idea in his or her home church, adapting it to the community. Thus our church’s cookie ministry was born!As my husband and I prayed about this ministry, I approached our church ladies with the idea. They agreed that the ministry was doable and began compiling a list of businesses in our community. Our first delivery was on Valentine’s Day to the Pamida Discount Center. To prepare, I distributed a sign-up sheet for the ladies to commit to making heart-shaped cookies. We determined the number of employees and made two cookies per person. The day before the delivery, we wrapped the cookies in plastic wrap and adorned the package with ribbons. In a card that a lady from our church designed, I thanked the employees for the business and their hard work, and I noted that the cookies are our token of appreciation. We signed it from the folks of Faith Baptist Church, Park Falls, and tied to it a church tract that my husband designed that included our mission, message, members, and an invitation.We’ve made the following deliveries to date: March (tax time)—shamrock cookies to accountants and H & R Block employees; April—banks and credit union; May—nursing home; June—wedding planners, florists, and gift shop; July—our own VBS; August (end of summer season)—motels and hotels; and September—the police department and public library.Our cookie ministry has opened doors to speak for the Lord. I have had the opportunity to invite many employees to church. Businesses have responded positively, many replying with thank-you notes.Glenda King, Pastor’s wife
Faith Baptist Church
Park Falls, Wisconsin

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