As sisters in Christ, it’s good to prompt each other to pray. The following suggestions are two simple ideas that can multiply the prayer effort of ladies in your church.

To encourage prayer for people around the world, ask women to notice as they get dressed where their clothes are from and to use this as a prayer opportunity. In a group, look at the clothing tags of the women who attend your Bible study or missionary group. Pray for all the countries represented by these clothing labels.

Mugs and muffins: Each month, set aside a time to have coffee and a muffin with women who are committed to prayer. It can be after a church service or in the morning on a weekday. Over coffee, pray for the specific ministries you have planned for women that month. Pray by name for the leaders of those ministries, and ask God to use the ministry to further His name in your community. Prayer is necessary and powerful.

Jeannie Vogel, Women’s Ministries Consultant
GARBC Resource Center
Schaumburg, IL