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In Praise of Little Places and Humble People

Ever been to Omer, Michigan? It’s a town along Lake Huron not far from Tawas. I drove through it on my way to a funeral a few years ago. Don’t blink, you may miss it.  In fact, the signs going in and out of town claim that it’s “Michigan’s Smallest City.” (No, they do not use the same sign post for both directions!)

Michigan’s smallest city?! That claim took me by surprise. In these days of bigness, it’s refreshing to see people brag about being small. After all, big isn’t always best . . .that’s especially true in the spiritual realm.

God isn’t into bigness, as are so many of us. He seems to delight in using the small and insignificant to accomplish His purposes. He prizes humble people who live for Him without acclaim and recognition. They are among those He calls great!

Praise God for the humble pastoral servants who lead our churches across the country, often in “little” places. Many serve in smaller churches and struggle to handle their pastoral duties without any support staff. Many pastors are under-appreciated and overburdened, especially in these days when respect for the office of pastor is at an all-time low. Pastor, it is good to remember that you are regarded highly in the Lord!  At times you may think that your work is insignificant. . . but be encouraged! God recognizes faithfulness and rewards humble service!

Jim Vogel, associate national representative
GARBC Resource Center
Schaumburg, Illinois