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Would you like to jump-start your church’s evangelism efforts? Pastor Robert Cowman shares outreach ideas in which your church people can easily participate. Plan now for your church’s spring outreach! The following “Top Ten” list of outreach endeavors of Columbus Road Baptist Church, Quincy, IL, serves as a great resource.

1. Establish an outreach team – We put together a group who plan, promote, and recruit people for corporate outreach events. We do nine events a year, including special Christmas and Easter programming.

2. Outdoor show – We sponsor a one-day event for hunters and fishermen, representing sports that are huge in our area. We invite hunting and fishing vendors to come to our property to display and promote their gear. We offer free food, provide demonstrations, and invite event attendees to our church.

3. Teacher Appreciation Day – Each year 50 church people make approximately 2,500 cookies for teachers in our public schools. We deliver the packages to the school district (which officially recognizes this endeavor) on the third Friday of March. Through our church’s recognition of teachers, we have been able to establish many connections with the school-district staff.

4. Couples’ dessert – For this semiformal evening, our church couples invite unchurched couples out to eat. After the meal they return to our church to enjoy gourmet desserts, play a newlywed game, and listen to a challenge from God’s Word about relationships. Approximately 25 unchurched couples attend this event, in addition to couples from our church.

5. Parade clean-up – Our church people bring up the tail of our town’s big spring parade by picking up trash. This is purely a way to give back to our community.

6. Benefit – We hosted a benefit to raise money for a child in the community who was fighting cancer. The benefit included kids’ games, bounce tents, face painting, a silent auction, and food.

7. Cookie & ornament giveaway at nursing homes – We sent groups to local nursing homes the Sunday evening before Christmas to deliver cookies and ornaments to the residents and to wish them a Merry Christmas.

8. KidZone Soccer – We offer spring and fall soccer for three- , four- , and five-year-old children. The Saturday morning games help the children to develop beginning soccer skills. The program gives us the opportunity to interact with hundreds of community parents as we teach their children the rudiments of soccer, pray with them, and invite them to participate in the children’s program at our church. Entire families have become part of our church after participating in KidZone Soccer.

9. Archery league – Due to the popularity of outdoor sports in our area, we draw people in for a spring archery league. We offer the league on Thursday and Friday nights in February and March, wrapping it up with a banquet featuring a Christian speaker.

10. Kidz156 – We have a drama group for first through sixth graders. After the group prepares for three months for a musical, they invite friends, family, and teachers to attend the production. Many unchurched kids join the group because it offers them an opportunity to be involved in a quality production. We have had between 300 and 400 people attend productions of Narnia, Esther, and so forth.