In the last three years, our ladies’ ministries have been brought under one umbrella called First Women’s Ministries. We have the following ministries by and to women:

Ladies’ Bible Studies
—comprises of two weekly daytime studies and a bimonthly evening study. Our studies begin in the fall, suspend for holiday break, and begin again in late January. We use ladies’ Bible study books and also lessons and study guides prepared by our teachers/leaders.

Women’s Missionary Fellowship
—meets monthly, September through May, to inform our ladies about the different missionaries our church has sent or is presently supporting. Also we highlight our own women who are involved in outreach or missionary endeavors. Occasionally we have a workday to do sewing or crafting for our missionaries per their requests. Every new missionary who is commissioned from our church is sent out with a “Quilted in Prayer” quilt as a gift from our ladies. We always have a time of prayer focusing on the needs of our missionaries. Plus we publish a monthly prayer prompter for our church family that gives current and time-sensitive prayer requests for our missionaries.

Women Helping Women Team—encourages our military and college students through an e-mail ministry. Mothers in our church can submit names for our ladies to contact.

Women Serving the Church Team—ministers to our senior saints, members in nursing homes, and our shut-ins. We recruit families and men’s groups to visit members who are in their own homes and could use a helping hand. These requests for help come through the pastoral team or deacon care ministry.

Taste of Grace—provides meals for families who have sickness, for the bereaved (grieving), and for parents after the birth of a baby (rejoicing). We give respite care for a family who has a loved one that has 24/7 needs. Also we provide transportation to appointments for those unable to drive. To serve in this ministry, the women sign-up on a form on which they designate their serving preferences and ladies from the Women Serving the Church Team match caregivers to members. The deacon and pastor are given a “care report” if counseling or follow-up is needed. While providing the intended care, our ladies have had opportunities to administer acts of kindness and to pray with those they are helping.

More than Mommies—ministers to young families in our church, meeting weekly on Wednesday mornings throughout the school year. We have provided activities such as making bread, shopping trips, listening to special speakers, crafting, and cooking a lunch together. This provides a much-needed opportunity for mothers to fellowship with one another. A wonderful plus for mommies is that we provide babysitting! We practice the Titus 2 principle by encouraging young mothers who have many stressors in their lives. We provide lessons on living for husband and family in a way that honors God, and include practical and fun things.

All of the ladies’ ministries come together for a spring luncheon and a fall retreat. In addition, we have a monthly outreach to women from Faith Baptist Community Center in Cleveland. Most of them have been saved and discipled through the efforts of Baptist Mid-Missions missionaries or the ministry of the Wellness and Pregnancy Center there. These women are included as our guests at many of these events.

Barbara Anderson, Women’s Ministries Director
First Baptist Church
Elyria, Ohio