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Mission Opportunities Get-Together

By June 25, 2005June 19th, 2014No Comments
Global Outlook

Our church has developed a special bond with several Jamaican pastors and wives. Recently three pastors and two wives from Jamaica ministered at our church. Their presence afforded an occasion to invite pastors and interested lay leaders in central Indiana to a luncheon, where they could hear about opportunities for short-term missions trips. The Jamaican pastors and missionary appointees who assist churches in forming short-term missions teams to Jamaica were available to give firsthand information and to field questions. The setting provided an opportunity for pastors to meet the Jamaican pastors prior to going overseas. As a result of the luncheon get-together, a church of one of the attending pastors is sending a construction team to Jamaica to assist a Bible college, which was represented at the luncheon by its president.

Ron McDugle, Pastor
First Baptist Church
Danville, Indiana