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Mapping Visitors

By January 25, 2007June 19th, 2014No Comments
Reach Out

In our church’s efforts to improve our follow-up of visitors, we found a city map to be a helpful tool. When originally attempting to secure a map, I had difficulty finding one that included more details than the major streets. I discovered that for a small charge, the county auditor’s office could provide a map with the level of detail we desired. This government office printed a detailed street-level map of the entire city, including all property lines.
In addition, I provided an Excel spreadsheet of our members’ last names and addresses to the auditor’s office. On the map, our church members’ property lines were distinguished with red ink and superimposed with their last names. After we plot the addresses of visitors on the map using pushpins, we ask church members who live nearby to call on the visitors.

Scott Greening, Associate Pastor
Faith Baptist Church
Mason City, Iowa