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Karate for Christ

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Karate for ChristCapitalizing on our community’s interest in karate, our church has found a unique evangelism opportunity through the Karate for Christ program. Our mission is to use martial arts to reach our community with the gospel of Christ, while working together as the family of God to become more like Christ.

In our society, martial arts reflect various styles, religions, and philosophies. The goal of our martial arts program is to teach students about Jesus Christ. Our church enthusiastically endorses this program as we see the difference it makes in the lives of those who attend.

We open our Biblically based martial arts program to the public, emphasizing the development of the spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional being. The discipline stresses a team dynamic that promotes respect for self, others, and authority—all in a spiritual context. Each weekly session includes a Bible study that is coordinated with the discipline learned that evening. Participants also memorize Ephesians 6:10–18.

Students train in traditional Tang Soo Do and are tested by the Professional Karate Schools of America at the end of each session, receiving rank for successfully completing all requirements. Testing also includes material from martial arts curriculum and Bible verse memorization.

Our church recently completed its first year of this new endeavor. As the third twelve-week session concluded, we awarded three Orange Stripe, twelve Orange, and eleven Yellow rankings. The people receiving rankings included two staff pastors. Also, two new adults signed up for the current session as White Belt members.

Mickey and Mary Tankersley, Karate for Christ instructors
Phone: 810-658-6608
Emmanuel Baptist Church
Flint, Michigan