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Our little church is placed in the middle of an aging community. The local economy is worse than most, and the incident of
single parents is escalating. Following two weeks of prayer and fasting, our leadership team concluded that God would have us to minister to the elderly, the widowed, the single, and those struggling with incapacitating health issues. Though these are not the people groups that normally sustain a ministry, we are pursuing what God has called us to do and trusting Him to provide for His Church.

A church member approached me with an idea for a ministry to our elderly, single parent, or widowed people and their friends. I responded,“Sure, as long as you are willing to organize it.” Two weeks later, the “Fix-It-Guys” was born. Capable men of the church available for 24-hour emergency response to those who would be helpless otherwise. It is designed for widows and single moms who have small emergencies, ranging from broken pipes in the middle of the night, flat tires on the highway, or even to prayer on the phone in the darkest hours.

Out of the success of the Fix-It-Guys ministry, “Men’s Challenge” was born. Similar to the Fix-It-Guys ministry, Men’s Challenge is designed to assist with larger, planned team projects; e.g., furniture repair, sewer maintenance, house painting, electrical wiring, etc. Each month as our men gather for Bible study and prayer, they decide which of the projects to pursue. Most often the requests come from those who have a genuine need, but cannot afford to hire someone to do it. Our men have had wonderful opportunities to share the love and compassion of Christ with those to whom they minister. Both ministries have been a blessing to the giver and the receiver.

David Garlich, Pastor
Calvary Baptist Church
Hubbard, OH