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Dear friends,

By December 28, 2009June 19th, 2014No Comments

Teamwork– hard to live with it, but impossible to live without it! Our Resource Center staff is nearing the completion of a five-year RBP revision of children’s curriculum. It has been a colossal project. At times I wondered if we had taken on a task that was impossible to achieve. Now my colleagues are within a few weeks of completing the well-crafted project. As I review the accomplishments of our team, I realize they completed the assignment due to their mind to work.  It is the labor of blood, sweat, and tears that binds people together. Being on a ministry team is good, but working as a team is better! As you consider implementing ideas found in Synergy, remember that accomplishing ministry through teamwork makes the victory sweeter.

In service with you,

John and Daria Greening