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Our church studied the book One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven by Mark Cahill. In the chapter “If They’re Breathing, They Need Jesus,” the author lists questions he uses to get people thinking about their eternal destiny. His questions prompted me to form a question of the month that the church and I could use to turn conversations to the gospel.

The designated question appears in the church bulletin during the month, and I talk about it from the pulpit. On the last Sunday of the month, I ask if anyone has a testimony to share about using the question of the month. It has been a way to promote and encourage personal evangelism among our people.

The conversation starters are as follows:
January: What is your hope for this year?
February: What is true love?
March: Have you ever wondered why spring comes every year? (Genesis 8, God’s promise); What have you given up for Lent this year? Why or why not?
April: What does Easter mean to you?

Pastor Greg Javaux
Silvis Heights Baptist Church
Silvis, IL