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The Huge Importance of Small Groups

By October 17, 2006June 19th, 2014No Comments

Building Your Ministry

Small group ministry is not a passing fad. Have you read the stats?

“2 out of 5 adults in the United States reported involvement in some type of regular small group meeting. . . . Sociologists estimate that as many as 2 million small groups (out of a total of 3 million) involve Bible Studies or Bible teaching classes.” —Rev Magazine, January 2005

Local church small group ministry has grown dramatically in the last twenty years. This fall our church began our tenth year of midweek small group ministry. Its popularity and effectiveness continues to grow. Small groups are huge in the lives of our people for reasons such as these:

* Building relationships—Small groups afford the opportunity for greater involvement in personal sharing and more intimate fellowship. It’s a great way for newer people to get to know others in your church community.
* Spiritual growth—There is something unique and valuable about the small group setting and the opportunities it provides for interaction and accountability in areas of spiritual growth.
* Bible study—Small groups encourage participatory Bible study. Whether the small group is a Bible study or a fellowship group, all of the groups have Bible study time.
* Personal support—When individuals are working through personal problems, a spiritually and Biblically focused small group can provide just the support and help they need.
* Ministry sharpening—Ministry focus groups allow time for prayer and sharing along with an emphasis on service and ministry projects.

Printed by permission from South Sampler church newsletter.

Jim Vogel, Pastor
South Baptist Church
Flint, Michigan

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