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5th Sunday Praise Service

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Four times a year, there are five Sundays in one month. When this occurs, our church does something different to add spice to a Sunday service. We encourage our congregation to participate in a 5th Sunday Praise service in which they present their expressions of worship. The hour-long praise service begins at 2 p.m., following a two-hour lunch break after the morning service.

Church members who may feel hesitant to contribute during a regular worship service feel more at ease presenting something during this informal service. In addition to singing or playing instruments, our people recite poems, read stories, and present skits with a spiritual message (which often include humor). A lady even shared her quilting skills during a service. Though limits exist as to acceptable types of praise for our 5th Sunday service, we do have a broader range of worship during this time than in other services. Most of the service is comprised of music, including congregational hymns. We have not yet expanded to include preaching, but we attempt to always keep the Lord Jesus Christ as our focus. The 5th Sunday Praise allows us to express our praise to Him in varied ways.

David Rizor, Pastor
Berean Baptist Church
Lansing, Michigan

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