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Improving Your Ministry Skills

Mike Hess, GARBC national representative, suggests the following resources for your ministry toolbox:

  • “What I Love to Ponder at 10:01 a.m. on Sunday Morning”
    Blogger Tim Challies writes an excellent piece on the significance of what happens when God’s people gather on Sunday morning. May we never lose the awe and wonder of assembling together as a local church!
  • Authorized: The Use and Misuse of the King James Bible by Mark Ward
    Using a winsome, compelling, and respectful manner, the author systematically addresses the view of using only the King James Version. This book is an excellent discipleship tool in working with someone who comes from a background espousing this view.
  • Learning and Living God’s Word by Daniel Estes
    Looking for a helpful tool on how to interpret Scripture? This newly revised edition, published by Regular Baptist Press, will help newer and older believers alike with not only reading Scripture but also interpreting God’s Word correctly. Proper interpretation of the Bible will lead to proper application of the Bible.

Seeking to build Christ’s church? You won’t want to miss the September/October issue of the Baptist Bulletin, emphasizing church revitalization.


  • A Biblical View of Church Revitalization (by Marshall Fant III)
  • Church Revitalization: Is It Worth the Risk? (by Aaron Patton)
  • Spark a Movement (by Clare Jewell)
  • Soteria Church: Two Different States, One Big Mission (by Darrell Goemaat)
  • The Need to Revitalize: An Interview with Four Church Consultation Ministries (by Clare Jewell)
  • Wisdom Spoken with a Strong Voice: The Preaching and Teaching Legacy of Dr. Ralph G. Turk (by Paul J. Scharf)

Bb+ digital
All the content of the print magazine, plus the following articles:

  • The Great Turnaround: When and How to Revitalize a Church (by Ken Davis)
  • Young Love: How to Grow a Church by Reaching Younger Generations
  • Rethinking Revoice (by Mike Hess)
  • Robert Lightner (1931 –2018)
  • The Savior and the Scriptures (by Robert Lightner)
  • What’s in a Name? (by Robert Lightner)
  • Six Dangers Young Adults Are Currently Facing (by Sam Horn)
  • Responding to Depression and Suicide (by Steven Harduk)
  • The Value of Rabbinism for New Testament Study

Doctrinally sound and ministry relevant articles abound in the Baptist Bulletin! Subscribe by visiting, or contact Lynne Goemaat, 847.843.1600, to learn about money saving subscription plans.

Whether you’re a rookie or a veteran pastor, church ministry confronts you with many types of “What do I do now?” situations. In his handbook Preparatory Foundation for Pastoral Ministry, Maynard Belt provides practical helps for pastors and insights into ministry. This resource is beneficial for men heading toward pastoral ministry and for pastors who are currently serving. As an experienced pastor and former state representative, Maynard offers wise and comprehensive instruction for use in mentoring individuals or discipleship groups or in self study. Academic training may not have equipped you with all you need to know. Order your copy Preparatory Foundation for Pastoral Ministry today.