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Improving Your Ministry Skills

By registering for our virtual GARBC Conference June 29–30, you will be able to join a breakout session, choosing from three dynamic modules on Monday. During an additional breakout session on Tuesday, you can interact with networking ministries, similar to how you would during a reception in previous years. Don’t miss these opportunities to connect, strengthen your ministry skills, and receive personal encouragement!

  • “Interpreting Scripture Well: The Need for a Sound Hermeneutic” by David Gunn
    Monday, June 29, 1:15 p.m.

Conservative Christians agree that the Bible is God’s authoritative Word and our primary source of spiritual truth. But not all believers interpret the Bible in the same way, and this often leads to theological or methodological disagreements. If we truly believe in the inspiration, inerrancy, and authority of Scripture, then we should take hermeneutics seriously and be careful to interpret Scripture responsibly.

  • “Church Revitalization” by Clare Jewell and Terry Thompson
    Monday, June 29, 1:15 p.m.

God used a pandemic to give us space to reflect on the most effective ways our churches can move forward to accomplish His purpose. How can we seize this opportunity to revitalize our churches? What can we do to reproduce disciples and leaders? The time is now to actively engage in a process of renewal and reproduction.

  • “When Adult Children Wander: Living and Pastoring Well in the Face of Close Departure” panel discussion led by David Strope
    Monday, June 29, 1:15 p.m.

Major heartaches occur when older children choose to not follow Scriptural values and truth they were taught in the home during their growing up years. Parents who have committed to teaching Biblical principles to their children since birth may find those children rejecting those principles as they get older. Their children’s decisions to follow a path away from faith can affect every aspect of the parents’ lives: their walk with God, marriage, interactions with the other children, and pastoral and leadership roles. Join this panel discussion and gain insight into one of life’s most challenging circumstances.

See you online! Register for the conference as an individual ($35) or as a church ($70).


The May/June issue of the Baptist Bulletin reminds us that in these times of turmoil and uncertainty, Christians can look to Jesus, learn from Him, and redeem the time.


  • Redeeming the Time during a Worldwide Pandemic (by Dave Cunningham)
  • Choice Words: It’s an Either/Or Proposition (by Daryl A. Neipp)
  • Practicing Gratitude: Grateful Heart, Grateful Life (by Diane Scallon)
  • A Guide to Responsible Christian Citizenship (by Brandon Crawford)
  • Making Disciples Jesus’ Way (by Rich Van Heukelum)

Bb+ Digital
All the content of the print magazine, plus the following articles:

  • Why We Care about COVID-19 (by Mike Hess)
  • How God’s Love Helps Us When We Are Afraid (by Rob Green)
  • On Uncertainty (by Dan Olinger)
  • Forgiveness (by Lyndsay Steward)
  • Sing! (by Kevin Leary)
  • Evangelism in the Time of COVID-19 (by Ken Davis)
  • Kids Ministry: Charting a Course for VBS 2020 (by Joshua Mason)

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