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Regular Baptist Ministries has a profound and immediate impact around the world. Helping churches make disciples is our passion. As we assist in preparing future ministry leaders, provide grants for new and growing churches, and aid churches in developing countries as they preach the gospel and minister to widows and orphans, your donations support disciple making! During this Christmas season, please seriously consider donating to one of the Regular Baptist ministries. As you give, you can be assured that we are committed to maximizing the stewardship that God has entrusted to us for His glory. You may choose to support a project below or designate your gift to go to the area of greatest need.

Regular Baptist Churches

National Representative Mike Hess has a passion for local churches, whether they are located stateside or overseas. Mike desires to be on-site to meet and encourage churches of all sizes. He has a special burden to visit and boost struggling churches, even when they can’t afford to pay for his travel expenses. In addition, Mike sees the benefit to association churches of accessing a strong international network in understanding and rethinking how we reach our increasingly diverse communities with the gospel, and he desires to see Regular Baptist Press materials translated and produced in a growing number of countries. Donate to “National Rep Travel” and help Mike reach even more ministries.


Regular Baptist Builders Club

A strong association for the future means cultivating, training, and developing strong leaders now. Regular Baptist Builders Club is committed to developing strong leaders through a leadership residency program. Regular Baptist Builders Club invests in cultivating future ministry leaders by providing practical hands-on ministry training as candidates are mentored in healthy churches. The leadership residency program equips men to plant churches and revive struggling churches. Donate to “RBBC Train Up—Mentoring & Equipping” and be a part of strengthening churches in our association.


Regular Baptist Chaplaincy

Chaplains can be found anywhere—ministering to soldiers in a foxhole, accompanying police officers in a squad car, or visiting patients in a hospital. Chaplains intersect with people at their greatest points of need. Many chaplains are pastors seeking to reach people at desperate moments, when they might not be open otherwise to the gospel and the church. Ultimately, chaplains get individuals plugged into healthy, doctrinally sound churches so those people can grow spiritually. Donate to “Chaplaincy—Greatest Need” and enable Regular Baptist Chaplaincy to recruit, endorse, advise, and encourage chaplains for the glory of God.


Regular Baptist International

In developing countries, a practical way for our partnering ministries to reach the lost in their communities is by caring for orphans. Churches and pastors provide food, shelter, education, and clothing to orphans while feeding them spiritually and directing them to the shelter and home that salvation through Jesus Christ provides. Supporting orphans around the world is part of the upcoming Operation Safe Harbor missions project. Donate to “Operation Safe Harbor” to introduce orphans to the gospel and help provide the education and shelter they need.



Start the New Year right! If the first of the year is a quieter time in your church, boost your ministry by using RBP’s Love Your Spouse Bible study by John and Daria Greening. Designed for couples and based on the book of Ephesians, this study can be used in Sunday School, Adult Bible Fellowships, small groups, and marriage retreats. Stronger marriages make for stronger churches. See video.

RBP offers inexpensive outreach Bibles you can distribute to anyone. The Bibles are available in three English versions (KJV, NKJV, and ESV) and in Spanish.