Meredith Lee, daughter of Pastor Don and Sandy LeMaster (Brooklyn Baptist Church, Brooklyn, NY) will undergo a second cancer surgery on Thursday, March 15, in Camden, New Jersey. Please pray for Meredith, her parents, and the physicians. You can send a note to the LeMasters at 426 50th St., Brooklyn, NY 11220.

Dale and Marie Moore, missionaries with Baptist Church Planters, have accepted the call from a Bible study group in Madison, Maine, to help start a new church. By late spring the Moores plan to begin this new ministry. They are presently in Florida, where Dale is undergoing tests because of heart problems. Please pray for the Lord’s help in the testing and in their new ministry.

Dr. Joseph Stowell II, GARBC national representative from 1969 to 1979, is suffering from memory loss and kidney failure. Please ask the Lord to strengthen both Dr. and Mrs. Stowell in these difficult days. Dr. Stowell is 96 years old.