Pray for churches in Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Minnesota that have experienced damage in church facilities or in family homes due to flooding. Towns along the Cedar River in Iowa; i.e., Cedar Falls, Waterloo, Cedar Rapids, are experiencing record crests and flooding. If you know of churches in the Association that are experiencing flood damage, please email John Greening, GARBC National Representative. The Resource Center has received the following reports:

Families from First Baptist Church of New Hartford, IA, experienced devastation to their homes due to a tornado recently. Now flood waters in the town are an issue. Pastor Ben Epley and his family were evacuated from their home, as were many other New Hartford families.

Fellowship Baptist Church in Des Moines, IA, sits adjacent to a levee for the Des Moines River. The river is predicted to crest at a level that could swallow a portion of the church. A section of the church parking lot has already collapsed. Homes of people from Association churches in Des Moines have been affected as well.


Faith Baptist Church, Mason City, IA, had flooding in their church basement. The Mason City community has been without drinking water and sewage services for several days. Some church people have evacuated their homes.


In our Association family, when one church hurts, we all hurt. Let’s keep these churches in our prayers.

Submitted by Daria Greening, GARBC