Pastor Prédestin Hérard is president of a Haitian association of Baptist churches, Association des Énglises Evangeliques Baptistes d΄ Haiti, a partner with the IPFBM. “We need prayers in this tragic situation,” he says in a recent e-mail. Circumstances are becoming more complicated every day, with bodies in the streets and below the buildings. “In each street you go you can see about 25 people died and the number increase everyday because there not enough hospital to care for the people,” he said eariler. Authorities have begun to dig several common graves to accommodate the many bodies.

Some of the dead include the families of pastors. “Those who have life,” he says, “lose everything.” Access to food, water, and medicine is very difficult. Pastor Hérard asks people to pray for the pastors and families in the Haiti association who are homeless; for water, food, and medicine for 90 orphans in My Father’s House orphanage, which Prédestin oversees; and for access to electricity and communication.