GARBC Pastor with the Lord
David Knudson, pastor of Park Lane Baptist Church in Omaha, Nebraska, went to be with the Lord on Sunday, April 1. The funeral is scheduled for Friday morning, April 6, at the church. Please pray for his wife, Sandy, and their children during these days. You can send a note to her at 7719 Girard Cir., Omaha, NE 68122.

The GARBC Annual Conference
I Will Build My Church
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
June 26–29, 2007
Would you join us in praying for Conference participants as they prepare for the GARBC Annual Conference? Please remember
• pastors and wives as they make plans to attend
• students developing presentations for Talents For Christ
• internationals as they seek government permission to travel and gather funds to attend
• speakers and workshop leaders as they prepare messages and workshops
• local committee members under the leadership of Craig Golden as they staff and facilitate the Conference
• GARBC ministry leaders, John Greening, Chris Hindal, John Murdoch, and Michael Nolan, and Council of 18 members as they prepare for their meeting

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