Pastor Don LeMaster (Brooklyn Baptist Church, Brooklyn, NY) sent this update about his daughter, Meredith.

Meredith spent last week in the hospital. She had severe pains in her stomach and became severely dehydrated. After a series of tests, the doctors found she has a large stone in her gall bladder, which was not there when she had her last surgery on March 15th. Eventually the gall bladder must be surgically removed, but she is too weak for it to be done immediately. Please pray that this condition may be controlled until she is strong enough for the surgery.

She has finished her first round of chemotherapy and will finish her radiation this week. The next round of chemotherapy begins on June 5th. Pray for continued strength for Meredith and wisdom for her doctors as they administer these powerful drugs.

In the midst of all this, Meredith’s spirits are good. She was able to come to Brooklyn this past weekend. It was great to have her and two of her children with us in the services on the Lord’s Day. A major part of the reason for her good spirits is the support of God’s people. It is truly wonderful to see the Body of Christ in action. We thank all of you FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS for all you have done for us as a family.

We also praise the Lord that a way has been found so that her medical bills, which are well over $100,000, are being covered. We continue to learn that the Lord is good ALL THE TIME. We also praise the Lord for Meredith’s doctors and the hospital staff. Please pray that we will have opportunity to share the gospel of God’s grace with these great people.