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With the Lord

Robert Herrmann, Pastor

THURMAN, N.Y.—Robert “Bob” Herrmann, a retired pastor, died Sept. 26. He was 64.

Bob taught in Christian schools and was pastor of Horicon Baptist Church, Brant Lake, New York (1986–1989) and Thurman Baptist Church, Warrensburg, New York (1989–2011). His son Nathan is now pastor of Thurman Baptist Church.

Bob enjoyed not only the preaching aspect of being a pastor but also shepherding, loving, and caring for his congregation, family, and friends. He preached with excitement and enthusiasm. It was his hope that when the Lord took him Home, his testimony and love for God would encourage others to turn their thoughts and lives to Christ.

Bob is survived by his wife of 39 years, Donna; his children, Jedediah, Nathan, Jessica Jones, Bethany Baity, Elizabeth, Jacob, and Marley; and seven grandchildren.