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With the Lord

Elaine Kipp, Pastor’s Wife

PASADENA, Md.—Elaine Clare Kipp, a pastor’s wife, died July 27. She was 86.

Elaine was a director for Child Evangelism Fellowship before marrying Romeyn Kipp, a pastor. During their 58 years of marriage they served at Windham Center Community Church, Rome, Pennsylvania; Bumpville Bible Church, Rome, Pennsylvania; Madisonville (Pennsylvania) Christian Church; Bible Baptist Church, Aberdeen, Maryland; Holmesville (New York) Baptist Church, where they served for 45 years; and Catatonk (New York) Baptist Church.

Elaine was active in teaching and ministering to children through Sunday School classes, VBS programs, JOY clubs, and CEF.

She is survived by her husband, Romeyn; a son, Brian; and two grandchildren.