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Putting Others First: December 2009

By November 25, 2009June 18th, 2014No Comments

Generously Helping Churches                               GARBC Logo

Encouraging pastors, upholding God’s truth, equipping leaders, providing tax-exempt status, assisting with pastoral candidate referrals, sharing ministry ideas, lending ministry consultation, educating churches regarding ministry issues . . . are just a few ways the GARBC assists churches. Does your church give a monthly gift to assist in the ministry of the Association? Please consider adding the GARBC to your church budget for the coming year. Give to the Association that cares for you!

International Partnership of Fundamental Baptist Ministries Conference Update

Thank you for praying for the IPFBM Conference that took place Nov. 4–7 in Bangkok, Thailand. The Lord blessed the Conference richly! It was time of outstanding fellowship and spiritual enrichment. New steps were taken to thrust the partnership into a greater level of face-to-face relationships and shared decision making. Read more; see photo gallery.

IPFBM Messages Available to Download

Would you like to hear the challenging messages from our international brothers at the recent IPFBM Conference? Chris Brown of GARBC International made audio recordings of the messages for you to download. It’s the next best thing to being there in person! To listen, click here.

New IPFBM Partner
Rejoice regarding another Baptist association that has become an IPFBM partner! New Life Regular Baptist Society is the 57th partner to become part of the IPFBM. Contact info for the association is as follows:

Pastor John Victor Sakile
9-18, Leeser Colony Ambajipeta
533 214 East Godavari
AP, India