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Putting Others First

Honor a Worthy Teen  

Students Alive!Let teens know you appreciate their service and testimony. Now is the time to applaud a teen in your church! The GARBC  Student Service Award honors students for their Christian testimony and assistance in local church ministries. Do you know of a teen who models exemplary conduct and service for our Lord? Please take the time to nominate that teen for the 2010 GARBC Service Award. Hurry, the deadline is April 1! Teens will be recognized at the 2010 GARBC Conference in Schaumburg, IL, June 21-25.

Haiti: What’s Next?

marapr_bb_cover.jpgBaptist Bulletin’s March/April issue features first-hand reports of the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti. Read accounts of the devastating loss from ministry leaders associated with the GARBC. Learn what you can do in response. Keep your flock in the know about church issues and GARBC endeavors. Contact Lynne Goemaat to learn how your group can receive discounted subscriptions.

Thanks for GARBC Support

Thanks to Pastor Stan Manus and the Temple Baptist Church family (Omaha, NE) for sending in a special financial gift after hosting a GARBC Sunday! Since the economic downturn, the GARBC has received notices from several churches of no longer being able to support the association financially. If you church has not hosted a GARBC Sunday, we invite you to do so. The ministries  we offer our churches depend upon financial support. Gifts like this are a special encouragement!

Churches Helping Churches

Thank you to the following leaders and churches in responding with information or leads to the cancer ministry inquiry posted in February’s E-Info: Pastor Brian King, Peoples Regular Baptist Church, Maybrook, NY; Pastor Steve Whicker, Eastside Baptist Church, Crawfordsville, IN; Pastor John Wooden, First Baptist Church, New Berlin, WI; Rev. Ed and Diane Fuller, WARBC rep. and wife; Pastor Eric Mounts and Vangie Billing, Southgate Baptist Church, Springfield, OH; and Dr. Nell Collins, Hope in Crisis Ministry. Please pray for Gayle Waldron as she organizes this outreach ministry to cancer patients through Grace Baptist Church, Batavia, NY, under the leadership of Pastor Don Shirk. It is true: Together We Can Accomplish More!