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Jump-Starting Teens for Service in the Church

Sometimes teens need a little prompting. They have energy and talent for serving the Lord that need funneling through the right channels. Help teens realize that when they play an instrument, sing a song, or volunteer in a children’s program in their church, they are having a direct ministry and an important spiritual impact in people’s lives.

Talents For Christ is a great way to help teens get started serving the Lord in their church. Through TFC, teens develop skills such as speaking, singing, playing an instrument, telling a Bible story, working with puppets, and more. While preparing for the TFC competition, teens are required to present their speech, music selection, Bible lesson, or other talent in their church. Participating in TFC can mark the beginning of teens’ experiencing joy in serving the Lord and sets a pattern of serving Him throughout their lives. Encourage teens in your church to register to participate in Talents For Christ.