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Improving Your Ministry Skills: November 2008

State Association Pairs with RBP

A new combo of a state association conference and RBP ministry help seminars was recently piloted in the state of New York with great success. The Empire Fellowship, under the leadership of Craig Golden, hosted a pre-conference Blueprint Seminar  for pastors and wives and church leaders, followed on the next day with the Empire Association meetings and RBP seminars. Topics related to ministering to men, women,  teens, and parents, as well as teaching adult and children, were presented. Read more. If your state association would like to learn more about pairing with RBP’s ministry workshops, please contact Tony Randolph at RBP, 888.588.1600.ext.887

Godly Responses to Presidential Election

Diverse Ethnic America Has Voted by Eldon Brock, director of Ethnic to Ethnic Ministries

America has voted. We have a new president. The many segments of Diverse Ethnic Americans have exercised their right and made us more aware than ever of their presence. Some people seem to think that things are the way they have always been; that Anglo Americans, with a predominantly Judeo-Christian background, are still the majority. This is not so.The variety of voting blocks in this election forcibly reminds us that God has moved the Nations to our land.

This should awaken us to the opportunities we have to help them learn of Christ and His salvation from sin’s penalty to an eternal hope. Think what the results would be if we could help them learn that the Government is not the answer to their social, economic and security needs. The One True Creator God is the one on the Throne in Heaven and He alone can meet our needs for both now and the future.

Our churches should welcome people of other cultures so they can see the Welcoming Savior. If so we could see people of “every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation” begin to worship Christ and then they would want to share their joy with their ethnic homeland.

As commanded we should pray for President Obama. (I Tim. 2:1-3) Let’s pray that God will be honored and that there will be increased freedom to share the Scriptures with all men of all ethnic backgrounds.

as appeared in Eldon’s blogspot and MARBC Messenger.

Post Election Perspective by Laird Baldwin, pastor of Bible Baptist Church, Brookville, Ohio

The election is over and God’s man has won.  No one comes into power but by the purpose of God, for ‘the powers that be are ordained of God’ (Romans 13:1). As the new administration comes into office, many in the media will engage in criticism and fault-finding of the new President.  Some criticism may be merited, but much will not.  As believers, we will not be helped by engaging in partisan politics, nor is it the business of this church.  Our duty is to pray for ‘kings, and all that are in authority’ (I Timothy 2:2), and to ‘Fear God. Honor the king’ (I Peter 2:17).

We can help our nation and President the most by praying for him in order that he might seek policies that insure our freedom, security and personal liberties.  Pray that he will be strong against our enemies, faithful to our friends, and gracious to the unborn.  At the end of our political process, we have but one President and one country.  Let us be a testimony and pray for God’s blessing upon him as well as those around us.

as appeared in Brookville Baptist Church bulletin and OARBC E-Minute