To reach out and extend love to the community, First Baptist Church, Horseheads, New York, hosted a day-long block party that focused on creating interest about the church and meeting its neighbors’ needs. Community guests enjoyed blowup attractions, carnival games, contest, prizes, lunch and dinner, free clothing and pantry items, and entertainment on the church parking lot and grounds. Families earned tickets at the games and spent them on “smash-a-truck,” blowups, and prizes. A missionary conducted three sessions for children, teaching about the work of missions. For the main event Bob Toomer, round pen evangelist, presented the gospel. Using an unbroken horse, Bob illustrated the meaning of submitting to the Lord by demonstrating how the horse learned to submit to him as its trainer. The day ended with a chicken BBQ and ice cream. Over 275 visitors attended the Family Fest, which First Baptist provided free of charge. The church plans to send follow-up letters to the visitors, reaffirming its desire to help them with their spiritual and physical needs.