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December 2009 E-Info: Rejoicing in Truth!

By November 25, 2009July 16th, 2014No Comments

E-Info, a GARBC newsletter, communicates information about Association happenings, ministry development, church events, and service opportunities. Share your ministry-related information; contact the GARBC Resource Center. Together We Can Accomplish More!

The December  E-Info is ready for your viewing:

Putting Others First—Generously Helping Churches, International Partnership of Fundamental Baptist Ministries Conference Update, IPFBM Messages Available to Download, New IPFBM Partner

Association Updates—Quest Giveaway, Talents For Christ Openings, Churches Participating in GARBC Sunday, New Website for Baptist Builders Club, Tim Hitchcock and Dick Pettit Author Books, GARBC Staff Itineraries

Improving Your Ministry Skills—Visitor Strategies Webinar, Free Class for First-time Seminarians, Jump-start Your Ministry, Media and Book Reviews Online

Ministry Ideas—Christmas Outreach

Classifieds—Save the Date: June 21, Church Pews Available, Vision of Hope Internships Available