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AudioReel_ThumbVoices of the Past, Voices of the Present
Reel-to-reel tapes of messages by R. T. Ketcham, Paul Jackson, Joseph Stowell, Ernest Pickering, John Balyo, and other great preachers of the association are now in hand at the GARBC Resource Center. The staff desires to make these recordings available on our GARBC website. The collection of recordings is a treasured record of our association’s values and voice. The 500+ messages are an important account of fundamentalist thought that deserves to be preserved and made accessible to students of religious history.

The recordings need to be transferred to digital recordings. Accomplishing the goal of an online archive of conference messages will cost approximately $15,000. Will you help fund this project to offer the archive free-of-charge to students and friends of theological fundamentalist preaching? You may mail your gift to the GARBC Resource Center or donate online. Please designate gifts with a note that says “GARBC Audio Legacy Project.”

How’s Your Attitude? Bible Study
Are you tired, stressed, discouraged? Are you worried about the future? The right attitude can invigorate the spirit, relieve stress, and produce joy. With this study of Matthew 5:3–12 from popular author Juanita Purcell, you’ll discover the Beatitudes—the attitudes you need so you can be the happy, Christlike Christian God wants you to be. Buy your copy of Juanita Purcell’s study on the Beatitudes today for only at $8.99 at

Marriage Bible Study
Money. Sex. Communication. These hot-button issues seem to crop up in every marriage, no matter how happy the couple. And everywhere you turn, there are plenty of experts with conflicting opinions on how to solve the problems. The best advice comes from the One Who designed and prescribed marriage: God Himself.

God cares about your marriage! This eight-lesson study, the third book in the Family Matters series by David and Carolyn Culver, offers an overview of what God’s Word says about communication, conflict resolution, forgiveness, sexual intimacy, and money—the hot issues inherent in marriage.

Order your copies for Sunday School, small group, or couples’ study.

Iowa Church to Donate Items
Prairie Flower Baptist Church, Washington, Iowa, is donating materials to sister churches that may be in need. Items include teaching materials, library books, and glass communion cups. Please contact or 319.653.2400 for further information.