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Being God’s Giver

Giving Tree icon_GARBCGARBC Project to Help Pastors
This Christmas adopt a GARBC project for gift giving! By doing so, you, your family, and your church can further the gospel and build up believers in churches in the U.S.A. and around the world. One of the projects will provide online training for pastors, associates, and leaders who desire to expand their knowledge base and ministry skill set. Often pastors and ministry leaders would like to further their education, but pursuing theological and ministry training is expensive and often requires travel. Your support will provide online education scholarships through the Regular Baptist Web Community. Donate now.

Eastern Uganda Baptist Association is the newest partner of the International Partnership of Fundamental Baptist Ministries, accepted by the Council of Eight. The international partnership rejoices in the addition of this East African association of churches, led by Rev. Joshua Masaba, president. Two North American associations are members of the IPFBM, the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship Association and the GARBC. See a complete listing of the many nations represented in the IPFBM.

Share Your Needs through PrayerLink
Do you have an upcoming event at church for which you would like prayer support? Are you or a loved one facing a health challenge? Allow your brothers and sisters in the GARBC family to support you in prayer. Please send your request to PrayerLink. PrayerLink is a ministry by and for GARBC churches.