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Being God’s Giver

By November 8, 2012No Comments

Helping East Coast Churches Assist Devastated Communities

Would you like to provide supplies to East Coast churches in the GARBC as they assist their communities with residents’ physical and spiritual needs? GARBC staff member Kristen Nolan is compiling a list of churches that are helping devastated communities and supplies that are needed. Contact Kristen for more information about these needs or to let her know about your church’s relief efforts in your East Coast community.

Pray for MARBC Pastors and Wives and Church Leaders

The following requests are from the MARBC Messenger, a newsletter published by Ken Floyd, executive director of the Michigan Association of Regular Baptist Churches. Let’s support these brothers and sisters in Christ in prayer.

  • Lisa Kester, wife of Pastor Jim Kester, First Baptist Church in Oxford, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and is recovering from related surgery.
  • James Grier, a distinguished professor at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, received news from his doctor of a tumor in the upper middle part of his brain, which has affected both his sight and hearing. Dr. Grier says, “There is naught to do but cast oneself on the merciful Savior for ability to endure this cancer with the clear hope of the gospel until death.” Please pray for Jim and his wife, Shirley.
  • Josh Gates, pastor of First Baptist Church in Fenton, continues recovery after receiving radioactive iodine to kill remaining cancer cells as a follow-up procedure after cancer surgery. Josh recently received a report that there is no evidence of remaining cancer.
  • Debbie Pyne, wife of Assistant Pastor Ken Pyne, Evangel Baptist Church in Taylor, continues treatments for breast cancer. 
  • Dawn Mattison, wife of Pastor Tim Mattison, First Baptist Church in Wayland, is undergoing treatments for breast cancer.
  • Joann Hoganson, who serves alongside her husband, Tim, in Hispanic ministries in the Grand Rapids area, is receiving treatments for diverticulitis. Joann and Tim are praising the Lord that a section of the colon did not have to be removed, as was the original plan.

If you have a health need or ministry event for which you would like to garner prayer support, please submit your request to GARBC PrayerLink.