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Association Updates: December 2015

The November 2015 Council of 18 meeting may be history in the records, but the agenda was definitely pointing toward the future. Council members arrived on Monday, Nov. 16 with their sleeves rolled up ready to do forward thinking work. Dave Burman Jr. presented a church-planting proposal that was the compilation of a year of aggressive interaction by a design team. The proposal focused on a way to come alongside churches, state and regional fellowships, and agencies to create connections to accomplish the shared objective of multiplying Regular Baptist churches. The input received from the council will enable the design team to make tweaks in the coming months to clarify and enhance the final structure. The desired goal is to trust God and work together to see, by 2025, 100 Regular Baptist churches planted by Regular Baptist churches.

The Annual Conference Committee presented the plans for a conference overhaul that will involve a shift in the schedule for the council meeting beginning on Monday, June 27, at noon, making it easier for observers to be involved. Talents For Christ competition will be moved to Tuesday, with a Wednesday night concert. Conference general sessions will begin with the Tuesday evening service and conclude at noon on Friday. The great time of preaching, worship, and fellowship of the 2016 conference, June 28—July 1, will take place at the beautiful facilities of Harvest New Beginnings, Oswego, Illinois, where Scott Poling is pastor.

The Personnel Committee presented an administrative staff realignment to wisely adapt to the changing ministry opportunities of the future. A succession plan was outlined to ensure that the association leadership remains ready for the road ahead.

The Policy Committee tackled the creative work of devising a strategy to better connect with the various regions of the fellowship in order to ensure the existence of a forum for grassroots input and involvement from all parts of the fellowship. In addition, a review of policies and past decisions was conducted to reconnect with old friends and build future alliances.

Discussion during the sessions was lively and positive, with both serious conversation and good-natured banter. Group members left for their respective ministries with full to-do lists, energized and positive about the future.

Have you had the Regular Baptist Chaplaincy ministry presented in your church lately? Manning Brown, director of Regular Baptist Chaplaincy, spoke recently during Byron (Michigan) Baptist Church’s Veterans Day service, which was followed by a message from John Murdoch, former director of the chaplaincy ministry. Pastor Gary Barber, himself an Air Force veteran, presented plaques to all veterans in attendance in honor of their service. Any Sunday can be used to highlight the ministries of armed forces, community, and institutional chaplains. Contact Manning Brown to schedule a visit. Help your church learn about the tremendous ministry that takes place through our GARBC-endorsed chaplains.

Begin the month of December by reflecting on the wondrous gift of Jesus Christ. A daily advent meditation is available to you, written by Regular Baptist Press Director John F. Klem. You can find the daily posts at or in the commentary section of

SUPPORT GARBC STAFFThanksgiving_inline(2)
The GARBC needs your church’s financial support. When churches are determining their missions budget, our staff receives word at times that a church has dropped support of the association because “they want to support people, not agencies.” Our ministry organization is dependent upon financial gifts to support the salaries of our people who serve churches and to cover operating expenses. Won’t you lead your church in giving back to the general fund of the association? Our staff is praying for the support of churches.

The Baptist Builders Club board of administrators and director met to review applications on Nov. 18. Four sister churches were granted funds—one church plant in the Start Up category and three existing churches in the Build Up category.

  • First Baptist Church of Castle Creek, Castle Creek, N.Y. (Build Up)
  • Desert Hills Baptist Church, Buckeye, Ariz. (Build Up)
  • Faith Baptist Church, Winfield, Ill. (Build Up)
  • Two Rivers Baptist Church, Rice, Minn. (Start Up)

Over $40,000 worth of assistance will be granted to these churches. Prayer and financial assistance for these churches are much appreciated as they minister to their communities. To read more about how these churches will use the funds they have been granted, visit

David Douglass began his new role as information technology systems administrator for Regular Baptist Ministries. David comes with an extensive background in IT and a heart for ministry. David is the son of Paul Douglass, who pastors Grace Baptist Church in Geneva, New York. After being without on-site IT assistance for six months, the staff is breathing a sigh of relief. Praise the Lord for His provision!

Please pray for the ministry of our churches during the Christmas season as they proclaim Christ’s birth and His work of salvation.

1: IL-MO Central Illinois pastors’ fellowship, Riverside Baptist Church, Decatur, Illinois
3: IL-MO Chicago area pastors’ and wives’ dinner, Coopers Corner, Winfield, Illinois
8: OARBC Akron-Canton pastors’ meeting
28, 29: Northeast Fellowship Marriage Refresh, Radisson Hotel, Corning, New York


Gladly Serving Churches

John Greening
National Representative

27: Great Commission Baptist Church, Schaumburg, Illinois

Manning Brown
Director of Regular Baptist Chaplaincy
Serving in home church, New Life Baptist Church, Lake in the Hills, Illinois

Chris Hindal
Director of International Ministry
6: Maranatha Baptist Church, Sebring, Florida
27: Grandview Park Baptist Church, Des Moines, Iowa

John Klem
Director of Regular Baptist Press
Visiting Regular Baptist churches in Chicago area

Michael Nolan
Director of Baptist Builders Club and Strategic Ministry Growth
7–11: Summit University, Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania