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SCHAUMBURG, Ill.—Small hands grasp the wires of the cage as a sad pair of eyes peep through the darkness. The intense pencil drawing entered in the Talents For Christ art category by Faith Finnin depicts a young girl’s persecution for being a Christian. Although she values all her artwork, this drawing is very personal to Faith, who accepted Christ only a few months ago. Describing her piece, Faith says, “We see grays, whites, and blacks. God sees the joy in her heart because of what Christ did on the cross for her.” As Faith, 16, of Grace Baptist Church in Batavia, N.Y., talks about her Savior, her own joy becomes obvious. Less obvious was the quiet moment shared by Jared Callison and his youth pastor. They stood in the corner, arms around each other’s shoulders, praying shortly before Jared was scheduled to preach. Jared, 17, of Faith Baptist Church in Mason City, Iowa, appreciates praying with his youth pastor before he preaches because it focuses his attention back on Christ. In his message, Jared challenged the audience: “Are you looking at Christ through your circumstances, or are you looking at your circumstances through Christ?” Finishing up the afternoon of competition, Zac Singletary, 17, sang “Fairest Lord Jesus” as well as “The Lord Is My Light.” Representing Faith Baptist Church of Wellington, Ohio, Zac takes no credit for his vocal ability. He explains, “The only reason I sing is because of the Lord.” Faith, Jared, and Zac are three unique competitors, all meeting at Bethel Baptist Church, Schaumburg, Ill., on Thursday of the 2010 GARBC Conference. Three different categories. Three separate interviews. Three unique competitors. One goal: using their talent to honor and glorify Christ.