The beginning of September signals the start of a full fall schedule of activities in most churches. When I started out in the pastorate, I was part of a church staff that held a “Round-up Sunday” at the beginning of every fall quarter. Cowboy attire and western décor in the church accented the “Round-up” theme. The event was intended to get people back into the routine of the church schedule after a summer of vacation travel and program breaks.

The “Round-up” theme may seem a bit hokey for today, but the idea behind it still is relevant. Especially during these days, I pray for the pastors and churches who are attempting to round up their people and renew the momentum of their ministry. The efforts of one church are often repeated in the ministries of sister churches in the association. We are all in the ministry together.

Your friend,
John Greening, GARBC national representative

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Being God’s Giver

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Improving Your Ministry Skills

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