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e-INFONovember 2016

November 2016 E-Info: Better than Icons

By October 31, 2016No Comments

e-info_thumbnailI’m not sure why it strikes me as curious to go to another country and see U.S. icons such as the golden arches, the face of Colonel Sanders, or a Nike label. Seeing these things really shouldn’t surprise me, because these companies are intentionally building international distribution into their business model. This issue of E-Info reminds me of the far-reaching influence of the GARBC. God’s plan for His church is not isolated to one town or one country, but extends to all nations. As you read these features and see all that is happening, thank God that you are part of an international effort that is transforming lives by God’s grace for all eternity. “Together we can accomplish more.”

Your friend,
John Greening
Regular Baptist Churches National Representative

Enjoy NOVEMBER 2016 E-Info:

Being God’s Giver

  • Prayer Support for Church Planting
  • Praise for Regular Baptist Press International in India
  • Praise for 2017 IPFBM Conference Venue

Association Updates

  • Prayer Emphasis Increases Our Vision
  • Military Chaplains Face Greater Challenges
  • Council of Eighteen to Meet
  • 2016–17 Church Directory Is Ready for You
  • Hurricane Devastates Churches in South Haiti
  • Pray for Regular Baptist Builders Club Meeting
  • The Best Investment for Students
  • Regular Baptists Around the Country
  • GARBC Team Itineraries

Improving Your Ministry Skills

  • Inspired Conference
  • Women’s Renew Conference
  • NARBC Camp Conference
  • Additional Opportunities for Enrichment


  • Presenting . . . Baptist Fellowship Press!
  • The Gifts of Christ RBP Bible Study
  • Construction/Handyman Skills Needed in Florida

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