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e-INFOJuly 2013

July 2013 E-Info: Keeping Sharp!

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e-info_thumbnailI am a firm believer that learning is a great way to stay current, keep stimulated, and remain fresh. Falling in the rut of a “same old, same old” approach is a sure indicator that vitality is waning. The GARBC is bringing to you a learning experience through our Regular Baptist Web Community. Designed to foster improvement in ministry skills, the Regular Baptist Web Community is a beneficial tool to breathe new ideas and life into you and your ministry. Take advantage of a great lineup of online instructional events. People may start to say, “You caused me to think” or “I like the approach you took.” That kind of spirit can be contagious!

John Greening, GARBC National Representative

Enjoy July’s E-Info:

Being God’s Giver

  • International Scholarship Fund
  • Be a Disaster “Ready Now” Team Member

Association Updates

  • Churches New to GARBC Fellowship
  • New Partner Enters IPFBM
  • 2013–2014 Council of Eighteen Elected
  • Articles of Faith Amendments
  • GARBC Conference Photos
  • GARBC Conference Attendees: Win Free 2014 Registration!
  • The State of the Association
  • GARBC Staff Itineraries

Improving Your Ministry Skills

  • Registration for Fall 2013 Regular Baptist Web Community Now Open
  • Baptist Bulletin: A Must Read!
  • GARBC Conference Audio Links
  • GARBC Conference Web Stories


  • GARBC Ministries Video Presentations for Your Church
  • Special Shout-Out to Chris Brown of techPartner
  • Governor Business Solutions

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