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e-INFOJanuary 2013

January 2013 E-Info: Keeping Fresh in the Ministry

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On my to-do list for 2013, the self-improvement category has a prominent place. Through a disciplined program of continuing education, I am making a concerted effort to add to my professional skills. Over the years, I have found this practice to be a vital stream for feeding my creativity, keeping me current, and adding freshness to my ministry.

A great benefit of participating in our association is connecting with other ministry leaders and helping each other grow professionally. This month’s E-Info highlights a number of options for sharpening ministry skills. A new addition for connecting and growing is the Regular Baptist Web Community. I invite you to take advantage of this great personal and professional growth opportunity by registering for one of the many web groups. The small investment of time and cost will pay big dividends for you and your church. Sign up today.

Your friend,
John Greening, GARBC national representative

Enjoy January’s E-Info:

Being God’s Giver

  • Gifting Pastors with Books
  • Missions Projects for Youth Groups or Christian Schools

Association Updates

  • Announcing Regular Baptist Web Community
  • Coming Soon: 2013 GARBC Conference Brochure
  • Connect at “Worship Connect”
  • Baptist Network Northwest Prayer Summit
  • Regular Baptists around the Country
  • GARBC Staff Itineraries

Improving Your Ministry Skills

  • Four Great Topics to Strengthen Your Ministry
    Evangelism, Old Testament Narratives, Preaching, and Revitalization
  • Christian Workers’ Retreat
  • 16:5 Conference 2013


  • A Must-read for Every Pastor
  • Baptist Identity for High Schoolers

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