Jim Vogel Hosts Leadership Webinar

vogel-webinar.jpgPersonalized leadership was the topic that associate national representative Jim Vogel and ten pastors at various locations across the country explored during a recent forty-minute webinar (see Baptist Bulletin.) Watch for upcoming regularly scheduled webinars and join this time of  valuable discussion on topics of interest and help to pastors.

Expand Your Church’s Great Commission Vision

Would you like your church to look at the fields, white, ready to harvest? Help them become aware of God’s work on a global scale. When churches get involved in gospel-proclaiming ministries across the world, their own vision increases. Chris Hindal, GARBC International Ministries Director, can be a part of educating your congregation toward Great Commission thinking. Chris will share exciting events that are taking place internationally as Christ builds His Church. Chris can also help your church get personally involved in partnering with an international work. Contact Chris, 1-224-234-7401, to schedule a meeting at your church.