Preaching, equipping teachers, church websites, updating articles of faith, and photography are topics that you can plug right into church ministry. Enrollment for 2017 Learning Labs is now open. Take advantage of meeting online with skilled instructors and interfacing with colleagues who share your interest. See course descriptions.

  • HD (High Def) Preaching
    Achieve the powerful potential of presenting the Bible with its stories, drama, and word pictures divinely designed to convey its message. This Learning Lab highlights the art of preaching in “High Definition,” using imagery, metaphors, stories, and common language to bring your messages to life!
    Register now! $29 for all three sessions; free of charge to Regular Baptist churches (promotion code: RBMfree)
    Instructors: John Greening, Regular Baptist Church national representative; and Pastor Randy Cook, Meridian, Idaho
  • Equipping Your Teaching Staff
    An important component of your pastoral role is “equipping the saints for the work of the ministry” (Eph. 4:12). This Learning Lab will focus on how you as the pastor can equip the teachers of your church, especially your Sunday School teachers.
    Register now! $29 for all three sessions, free of charge to Regular Baptist churches (promotion code: RBMfree)
    Instructor: Don Anderson, Christian educator and Regular Baptist Press editor
  • Basic Church Web Design
    Often the first impression of your church comes from its web presence. Does your church have a website? What does your website say about your church? Join this Learning Lab for a step-by-step guide to creating a basic website for your church.
    Register now! $29 for all three sessions, free of charge to Regular Baptist churches (promotion code: RBMfree)
    Instructor: Andrea Gower, Regular Baptist Ministries communications manager
  • Updating and Rewriting Your Church’s Articles of Faith
    Society is becoming increasingly hostile to Christianity. Our faith and beliefs can be put on trial both in a community sense and in a legal sense. Having articles of faith that accurately reflect your church will help protect your church from spiritual and legal attacks. This Learning Lab will help you as a ministry leader evaluate and update your church’s articles of faith.
    Register now! $29 for all three sessions, free of charge to Regular Baptist churches (promotion code: RBMfree)
    Instructor: Dr. David Mappes, associate professor, Baptist Bible Seminary
  • Sharpening Your Church Photography
    Posting quality photos on your church’s website and in social media will attract viewers, draw people to your church, and give testimony to the work God is doing. In this Learning Lab, you will learn how to improve the quality and content of your photography with practical how-tos and tips.
    Register now! $29 for all three sessions, free of charge to Regular Baptist churches (promotion code: RBMfree)
    Instructor: Darrell Goemaat, Regular Baptist Ministries photography director

Each church is unique with its own set of challenges and goals. Many professionals and consultants claim to understand nonprofit organizations, but few understand the uniqueness of the local church.

The GARBC administrative team has worked with a variety of churches—from mission churches with less than 10 people to established churches with thousands of members. Sometimes it’s good to get an outside perspective. Other times, a church needs someone to lend assistance for an ongoing period of time. Does your church need help with any of the following?

  • Financial consultation
  • HR, tax, or law advice
  • Estate planning—legacy giving
  • Strategic consultation

If your church fellowships with the GARBC and would benefit from specialized and skilled consultation, please contact Michael Nolan, 847.585.0853. In addition to the consultation Michael provides, he can connect you with individuals who provide legal and tax advice, stewardship seminars, and capital campaign plans.

Enjoy the beauty of the Chesapeake Bay while gaining insights and ministry know-how at the workshops presented at the GARBC Conference, June 27–3o. Take advantage of the opportunity to attend the following workshops:

  • Family Matters: Ministering to the Generations (by David Burman Jr.)
  • How Not to Lose Heart in Ministry (by Jerry and Sherry VanHooser)
  • Biblical Counseling: Engaging the Minds of the New Morality (by Jeff Bartz)
  • Youth Ministry: Obstacles or Opportunities? (by Josh Jones)
  • If You Get the Men, You Win the War (by Jeff Bartz)
  • Multiplication in Ministry (by Clare Jewell and Panel)
  • A Ministry of Presence: Serving as a Chaplain (by Manning Brown)
  • Social Justice and the Role of the Church (by Nigel Black)
  • Women Connecting with Women (by Sandy Capon)
  • Best Church Practices in Corporate Worship (by Ken Pyne)
  • Intentionality of Discipleship (by Tony Randolph)
  • Compassion Ministry (by Steve Viars)
  • International Connections: Up-Front and Personal (by Chris Hindal)

Registration for the conference is now open. Attendees are booking their rooms early, so be sure to call Sandy Cove, mentioning you are with the GARBC Conference, 800.234.2683, or book online.

“Powered by Joy” will be the theme of the 2017 Church Ministries Conference, March 10 and 11, at Calvary Baptist Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan. The conference is sponsored by the Grand Rapids Association of Regular Baptist Churches. Ken Rudolph will be the keynote speaker, and skilled leaders will facilitate a host of practical workshops.

refreshChristian leaders and their wives have an opportunity to get away and let veteran ministry leaders and students refresh them. The Refresh Conference, Jan. 31—Feb. 3, hosted by Faith Baptist Bible College, Ankeny, Iowa, will feature speakers Gary Anderson, Marty Herron, Doug McLachlan, Patrick Odle, Les Ollila, Will Senn, and Jim Tillotson.